Sunday, December 1, 2013

Snow Storms by Lisa Gillis

He wished himself a super hero instead of a super couple. If not a comic book hero, then a vampire or a shape-shifter. Anything except a mere man whose highest running speed was probably sixteen miles per hour. Anything that would keep the gap between him and her from widening with every second.
He was screaming her name louder and more earnestly than he had ever screamed on stage.

The gate slid closed and the SUV began to disappear down the road.

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 Snow Storms

A Christmas Wish on a Star

It all begins with one wrong wish on a star – a ROCK STAR.
Jackal has retired but their fan base lives on. Jack and Marissa are still a super couple who see very little peace in public. Ready to live incog, they contemplate a move to Dallas—roots of the Loren family tree, and home of the family label.

Christmas is coming, and Jack Junior is not the only one with a wish list. The Jackal fan site once had a Holiday tradition of indulging five lucky fans with a Christmas wish. This year, a fan manages to contact Jack with a very special wish.

A wish that unearths a scandal Jack tried to leave in his past.

When history begins repeating itself, he finds that the past is always a part of the present. But with one brightly wrapped present, will this particular part of his past forever change his future?

To complicate matters, this Holiday Season Marissa is hiding more than Christmas presents. For starters, her complicated relationship with Jack’s sister reaches a new level of craziness. Also, simmering beneath a Christmas colored surface is a psycho situation she cannot see coming.

Jack and Marissa have always had a rocky relationship. Yet again, they must stand strong because LA may be hot, but there is always plenty of snow.

The epic rock romance of Jack and Marissa continues. This novel can stand alone, but is the third in the Silver Strings Series - G String Set.

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Author Lisa Gillis

Friday, September 27, 2013

A book plate

The other day someone was talking about making their own bookplate.  "A what?"  I asked, and was reminded of the stickers on the inside of the books at my grandmother’s house.
My grandmother was an avid reader and even claimed to have bought the house she resided in until she passed because it had a real library room.  
A door with a glass window opened into it, and one wall was shelves from the floor to the tall ceiling.  The rest of the room was entirely windows, and it opened onto a patio.  
One day I will build my dream version of that room…

Until then, here is my bookplate.