Book Services

Book Builders

An indie author sometimes tries to wear too many hats. Marketing, editing, formatting, publishing, creating media kits and possibly even covers, scheduling blog tours-WHEN IS THERE TIME TO BLOG OR WRITE?
Are you one of the authors who is lost in this self publishing labyrinth?
Do you think your book deserves to look the best it can look?
More coming soon on one of the top rated professional book builders in the trade and what they can do for your book

Cyber Librarians

Can you remember walking into a strange library and not knowing where to begin. Slowly, you got your bearings and headed to the section of books that interested you, and yet again were overwhelmed by all of those carefully shelved spines?

Did you ask the librarian for recommendations? Once you were a regular in the library, you for sure asked the librarian for recommendations, right?

Well, I have found cyber librarians. They deliver highly rated books right to your email, or gather them each day or week on a page for you to browse. These are a few of these wonderful services.

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