Monday, April 28, 2014

LAUREL CANYON Music, Magic, Murder and even Ghosts

Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars

Releasing May 2014

LAUREL CANYON Music, Magic, Murder and even Ghosts

Infamous names, including Dave Grohl and Jennifer Anniston, have always lived in modest homes in the hills of Laurel Canyon—well, present time, there are some monstrous mansions.

But during most of the 60’s and part of the 70’s, the area filled with musicians. British bands touring the States partied with other bands in Laurel Canyon, and some never left. An unusual amount of music superstars and emerging rock bands responsible for many hit songs took up residence or extended visits in the area. Many more were regulars at parties.

In a bygone era, members of The Monkees, The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The Doors  many, many more (seriously, one day I may blog the many faces of Laurel Canyon).

With all of these up and coming and already arrived superstars, it is only natural that LA’s most celebrated groupie, the woman who set the obsessive determination standard from groupies to come, would be a regular face in Laurel Canyon.

The canyon with the night sounds of coyotes and owls seemed a world away and was yet only five minutes away from Sunset Strip’s neon clubs. Its peacefulness is what drew celebrities wanting to hide away and party in private. There was nothing to fear except the occasional sighting of a ghost carriage near the Houdini Mansion, causing an occasional car wreck. This would all change at the turn of the decade with a series of tragic events, and a string of accidental deaths of former residents and regulars. (this could also be an entire blog in itself)

Why am I blogging Laurel Canyon? It is the home of fictional Jules Breaux rebellious teen  turned talented musician who is the heroine of Six Silver Strings Series D-String Set releasing May 2014.

A Ghostly Excerpt

Driving down The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, she took care, watching the lights and the light flow of traffic. She made the right from Sunset onto Laurel Canyon. With her foot barely depressing the gas, she glued her eyes to her headlights as they illuminated the steep road, curve after curve.

Coasting to a stop before turning onto Lookout Mountain, she noted the empty bus stop, and debated on lighting another cigarette. It was in that moment, when she glanced from the bus stop, back to the road ahead, that it happened.

The mythical horse and carriage apparition. In her imagination, the horses, and the carriage had always both been white, wispy, ghostly. But tonight, the horses were a majestic white, and the carriage black. Seeming to come out of nowhere, it lumbered across the road, and if she had blinked her eyes, in that time it was gone. 

But she was sure she hadn't blinked.

The blare of a car horn from behind jerked her from her state of shock, and she lifted her head from the steering wheel… wait, when had she dropped her head to the wheel? And when had a car pulled up behind her?

Forcing calming breaths into her lungs, she moved her foot from the break to the gas.

At last, she unclenched her knuckles from the steering wheel long enough to punch the code into the gate before pulling into her driveway in relief…

…Stumbled out of the car…

…Stumbled up steps and stairs… through the dark night… down the dark hallway…

…Tripped on more than one stair…

…A fearful eye stayed on the third story stairwell, which led to the master bedroom and her sleeping mother. Finally, she was easing her bedroom door closed.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

I Can Make You Love Him [ #rock #romance #pdf1 #asmsg ]

Before publishing, I spent many hours interacting and writing on a social site. The comradeship of other authors, the immediate input of readers after each chapter, fans who loved the stories and didn't tear them apart—I could go on about how wonderfully different this was, and I do miss it. There are just not enough hours in the day.

All day every day lately has been devoted to the new series D-String. Readers who know the Six Silver Strings Series  and the plan for it, know that it is my hope to put out a trilogy set titled with guitar strings. The G-String Set came first—or did it?

G-String Set was the first published, but actually it was a spin off from D-String, which is due out by summer. In the G-String set, readers fell hard for Jack Storm rock star, and some not so much for the heroine Marissa Dupleix. Marissa had her issues, and anyone who read to the end of the series, especially anyone who has loved someone who they felt was far above them, related to her desperation and insecurities.

In that series, however, it’s Jack who is breaking hearts. Readers want Jack back, more than some new rock star on the horizon in some D-String Set. On the social site, I had posted several novels. Accolades for each hero were in the comments at the end of each book. Invariably at the beginning of the next series, readers swore they could never love the next guy as much as the previous.

“Jared is great, but Matt is still my man.”

My answer was always a joking, “I can make you love him.” Joking, because it isn't me playing God with my characters. The characters have a life of their own, and just take over the laptop keys. But I promise you it happened. By the end of the next series, most readers had fallen in love again—harder.

“Okay, you did it. I want a Matt. Tissues, I need tissues!”

Matt’s time is almost here, and I hope you guys will love my first love as much as you love Jack!  

[Disclaimer: It’s 6:00 a.m. and Matt is calling, don’t hate on the blogging typos ;)]

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Friday, April 4, 2014

JACK WHO? A Rockband Romance by Lisa Gillis #asmsg #rock #romance

Fully Edited Jack is Back for a 3 Day Spring Sale

Is the answer to a breakup a hookup? Reluctantly, pressured by a friend, Marissa heeds this advice. But Jack (What was his name?) is not the average girl’s fling. Jack is a celebrity in his niche of the music world, and Marissa has no idea of his public identity. Jack Who? will bring smiles and wring tears—it is one night with a rock star gone awry, a secret, and a couple that must work together years later to bridge their very different worlds.

...behind the lyrics, the tunes, and the rock star envy are musicians living complicated lives. This complexity affects their perception of themselves, their relationships... Lisa_Gillis LisaGillisAuthor author lisa gillis