Thursday, October 29, 2015

NOLA 17th Annual Voodoo Fest

UPDATE: VooDoo Fest Sunday Gigs Canceled. November 1st goes down as the first ever Voodoo Fest "Rain or Shine" event canceled due to dangerous conditions the weather wrought. "Saturday was kind of fun in this slop," said one fan as he mucked through the mud Halloween night. Refunds for passes and parking are offered. Many bands are looking for new venues in the NOLA area.

Known gigs so far:
  1. Quickie Mart with Unicorn Fukr at the Dragon's Den during Church for a late-night set. Get details on Facebook.
  2. Title Fight at 7 p.m. for a house show in Metairie. Entry is $5. Get details on Facebook.  
  3. The Ludlow Thieves will join Cary Hudson and Joe Kile at Siberia for an early show at 6 p.m. Get details on Facebook

As for Ozzy... The Ozzman Rocked!
Not only did he show, he killed it. You have to love Ozzy, the rocker who pours a bucket of water over his head when buckets are pouring from the sky and drops to his knees in a humble bow to an audience who worships him. He ended a set of favorites including Iron Man with Crazy Train and two encores, Mamma I'm Coming Home and Paranoid,


October 30-Nov 1


New Orleans' City Park

At the Gate Prices

$125 per day or $250 for all three days

2015 Lineup includs 70 confirmed acts

Ozzy Osbourne backed by Geezer Butler on bass and guitarist Slash, Florence + the Machine, the Zac Brown Band, Tom Morello and Slash, the Skrillex / Diplo duo Jack Ü, Jane's Addiction and Deadmau5. They'll join Santigold, Modest Mouse, Jason Isbell, Girl Talk, the Cult, Duke Dumont, Giorgio Moroder, Slightly Stoopid, Yelawolf, Fishbone, Third Eye Blind (headliner of the first ever Voodoo fest!), Chance the Rapper, Gerard Way, Alesso and many more.

Locals on the bill

Jazz trumpeter Terence Blanchard and his E-Collective, Dumpstaphunk, St. Cecilia's Asylum Chorus, Flow Tribe,  the Mississippi Rail Company, the Deejays Hello Negro and Quickie Mart, Tysson, and the Soul Rebels with Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$.



Don’t let the clear skies Friday fool you. Saturday and Sunday will be more than NOLA muggy, In fact the weather not even fit for ducks. The rain is forecast to be accompanied by heavy storms, winds, and tornado watches.

Already bought tickets? Already there? (*high five*) This is a rain or shine event. Wear warm clothes, boots, and a slicker—umbrellas are not allowed—and Rock On!

Need to know

  • Security Search at Gate: Yes, bring ID; no drugs, alcohol, food or drink, eyedrops, kites, tents, umbrellas,professional cameras /recording.
  • Bring an empty water bottle and fill up free.
  • No camping this year
  • .Parking: No
  • Onsite parking only available to some VIP ticket holders; Shuttle from LSU Med center (parking $60-70) or the Hyatt if a guest; or take your chance on the streets (car towed? 504.565.7450)
  • Lockers: Yes
  • Food: On location featuring traditional New Orleans fare
  • Bicycle Racks: Yes; download free bicycle map here
See you there!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Birthday Bash #pdf1

Happy Book Birthday/Anniversary to Jack & Marissa.

Two years ago this week, Jack Who? and Weathering Jack Storm took Kindle by storm. In reflecting back on this memorable time--what a rush--I began wondering, would it be called a books birthday or a book's anniversary? I'm still undecided by since I'm always down for cake, I'm going to call it a birthday.


To make this week special, I thought, why not do something that's never been done? Why not go full on crazy with the annual sale?
All titles 0.99
This week on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, GooglePlay
And probably more places I've forgotten.

At this price, there's no reason not to pick up titles that may have been put off and to recommend to anyone who loves rock romances series.

The Six Silver Strings Series is made up of six sets


Rising Sun
Half Moon
Rock Stars


Jack Who?
Weathering Jack Storm
Snow Storms


A Shit Storm

Other sets to be completed

D-Strings is only sold as a boxed set
So grab this one up while it's $2.99 (normally 6.50)

Buy Links

They are friends in public, lovers in private. In an age of sex, drugs, rock and roll, they want it all. But 'all' has a different definition to everyone. What happens when sexy drummer Matt Loren wants bandmate Jules Breaux as more than a bedroom plaything? Is her love more than a four letter word?

The G-Strings Set

is sold both as a 
Boxed set $2.99 (normally 6.25)
and individually
All titles 0.99 

Buy Links

Jack Who?

Marissa finds sexy inked up, metal musician Jack Storm is not the average girl's revenge fling.

Weathering Jack Storm

Falling in love with Jack was easy, but there is nothing easy about staying in love with this arrogant rock star while settling into a new life in Los Angeles.

Snow Storms

It all begins with one wrong wish on a star – a ROCK STAR. 

This series follows the Storm family through the harsh realities of life in the rock world.

E-Strings Set

A Shit Storm


Buy Links

Buy links for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, GooglePlay

Tristan Loren is the first to admit he’s lived a privileged life. 

However, the top schools, the best games, phones, and cars, the motocross track winding around the back acreage of his family home, and the finest of whatever his heart desires has come with strangers yelling for his attention and camera flashes in his face. 

His classmates have visions of college life in the fall following senior year, while his fantasy is a normal existence. Whatever normalcy is, he’s sure it’s not graduating with honors--and an unopened condom in his billfold. 

Chasing the vision of a woman and a world who doesn’t know of him takes him from the sunshiny suburbs of Dallas to the snowy streets of Detroit. 

When he sees Sash in person, the girl he’s texted, phoned, and Skyped for the better part of a year, he’s drawn to her secret smile, and the tattooed half sleeves decorating her arms. 

But Sash has her own secrets. Falling for Sash and finding his own identity may cost him more than what’s in his wallet.


Amazon lisa gillis   Facebook lisa gillis   Twitter lisa gillis   Goodreads: lisa gillis
  Goodreads: lisa gillis

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Guest Post: Jayne Frost author of Gone For You

Jayne Frost is a rock romance author I ran across recently and fell instantly in love with her writing style and characters. Her debut novel,Gone For You, is a sweet and sexy rock-and-roll romance written from the male protagonist's point of view. I'm about halfway through it and let me tell you, it rocks! It's an honor to have Jayne as a guest on the blog today. Below Jayne's post is the blurb and link to Gone For You. A must add to your TBR list!

Please Welcome Jayne Frost Center Stage

 What I love about writing, and more specifically romance, is that almost any story has a romantic element. If you think about some of the greatest books or movies that you’ve enjoyed throughout the years, you will uncover the romance. I’m speaking in general, as I’m sure that there are many stories that do not include romance in terms of people. But even in solitary pursuits, the lead character usually waxes romantic about something. It could be a way life that he or she aspires to. Or a gentler time. But romance is always in the picture if you delve deep enough.
Rarely is there a story where there is not some kind of romantic tension. Since I’m a simple girl, I just cut to the chase. The boy girl stuff. I am a born romantic, and I make no bones about it.

When I started writing my Sixth Street Band series, I wanted to take the two things that I love most and combine them: romance and music. More specifically, bad boy rockstars and their quest to find “the one.” I decided to write my first and second novels from a male point of view. Why? It just turned out that way. It was their stories. Their music. And I wanted to explore the world through their eyes.

In all of my books, I believe that you will see the characters in the band have one overriding thing they love above all else—their music. To watch that granular shift when they realize there is more to life than music, and more to women than the shallow relationships that they’ve encountered in the past is the real crux of the story. And of course, the relationships that the band members have with each other. The “bro-mances,” if you will. If I can get that to resonate with the readers, I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Of course, it’s not always easy. First of all, I’m writing about a very specific world, and I’m then taking that world and reducing it to a specific area—Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. The love these bands have for their hometown borders on romantic. The are as devoted to the place they live as they are to the music they play. And I struggle sometimes in trying to weave in that little element to my story. I have readers from all over the United States and other countries as well.

It is apparent from my writing that I am very much a Texas girl at heart. The first time I ever sent my New York editor a scene where someone used the phrase: “Let me hug your neck,” she was sure it was a typo. To be fair, I thought that was a common turn of phrase—but, again, I’m from Texas.

Recently I’ve started fleshing out an idea for a new series of novels that don’t take place in my home state. And I can tell you, its hard. I’m leaving my comfort zone of rockstars and Sixth Street and taking on other challenges. As a writer, I truly can write about anything. But, it’s almost like falling in love again. I fell in love with the world that I built on Sixth Street, and I’m not abandoning by any means. But I almost feel like I’m cheating—in the good old romantic sense. Like I’m leaving my first love in order to broaden my horizons. One of those awkward scenes where one character says to another: “It’s no you. It’s me.” Because it’s not Sixth Street that I’m moving on from. Or my love of music.

So, I hope that as the next few books come out in my series and you get to know me as a writer, you’ll let me take you on a journey into another world. Another romance. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Thanks Jayne!

Here is the blurb and links to Gone For You

As the guitarist for the rock band Caged, I know the rules: no relationships. No complications. Leave ‘em smiling when you go, but always go. Besides, it’s not like I’m ever in one place for more than a few days at a time. As the next hottest thing out of Austin, the band and I are riding the wave, and the music is all that matters.

Until her…

Gone for You: Sixth Street Band Contemporary Romance Series (Sixth Street Band Series Book 1)

Jayne's website is if you would like to read more about her and the Sixth Street Band series

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Summer Reading List #BeachThursday

Summer's closing in and I know I'm thinking sand and waves. Maybe not so much sand, but for sure waves! Besides planning a spray tan-because I've got the graveyard tan going on-and picking out cute shorts and comfortable shirts, I'm also stocking up on books in my Kindle.

If you find yourself doing the same, you will want to check some of these great authors out and be entered into a giveaway while you're at it!  

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Release Ramblings

Tristan Loren, son of former rock star Jack Storm, is the first to admit he’s lived a privileged life. However, it's never been a normal life, and he dreams of an incognito existence. Chasing the vision of a woman and a world who doesn't know of him takes him from the sunshiny suburbs of Dallas to the snowy streets of Detroit.

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Picture is Worth…

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

But if it doesn’t belong to you, those words may eventually come to you in the form of an email and money owed for its real worth and more!

In the wake of several bloggers receiving cease orders to take pictures down from their blog, and one blogger under the threat of a lawsuit as well, images are being ripped off blog pages by panicked bloggers whose only crime was to post a promo given to them by an author or authors tour company.

What’s going on? Seems celebrity images from google search and other images are commonly used to make book teasers.

Seriously? Yeah.

What about those hot Jack teasers?

Safe. Ever wonder why I use the same images over and over?

First because it’s not easy to find men hot enough to pass for Jack on stock photo sites ;)

And second because when I do, I pay for my images and scour free stock photo sites for others—and this cuts into the amount I have available to use.

Lisa Gillis and Rock Star Read teasers are safe.

Here’s a hint to make sure you know your blog is safe.

Don’t upload teasers. Always link to them from the author’s website. (Right click, copy img url)

I don’t expect bloggers to just take my word that I’m responsible with my teasers. This is the reason one entire page of my website is devoted to teasers. It lets you choose the ones you like best and most importantly gives you peace of mind because it takes the liability from you and puts it on me.

Based on the 9th circuit court of appeal ruling in Perfect 10 v. Amazon:

When a site like Google hosts html that instructs a users browser to point to (i.e. “display”) an image hosted by a third party, the first party (e.g., Google) does not violate either the copyright owners right to copy or their right to display as those terms are defined under US copyright law. Like Google’s actions with regard to full size images in Perfect 10 v. Google and Perfect 10 v. Amazon, the web page included html that instructed a browser to point to an image at a third party site. Under US copyright law, this action does not violate the display right of the copyright holder and it does not violate their right to copy.

By never uploading the image to your server or website, you are not violating any US copyright law.

A picture is worth…

Speaking of pictures worth and teasers… an excerpt from Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars because we all know if there is anything I love more than teasers, it's excerpts!

“What bands do you listen to? Influence you?”

      Jules laughed and pretended to look at a nonexistent watch. “I was told this interview was only twenty minutes. That answer will take all day.”book bangs image

      They both laughed, and Jules named off Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Aeroplane, Queen, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin… “I LOVE KISS… oh and, have you heard ‘Don’t fear the Reaper’, just came out by Blue Oyster Cult? And ‘Love Hurts’, by a band called Nazareth. OH, OH, you’ve heard Foghat’s ‘Slow Ride’ right? I LOVE it. Pink Floyd, can’t forget. Um, RUSH, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, The Stones, of course, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper…”

      Jules began again going through the alphabet, not wanting to miss a band. Besides, as long as she was rattling off bands, the closer the end of the interview was with fewer embarrassing questions.

      At least, it was her plan, but when she paused for a breath between Lynyrd Skynyrd and John Lennon solo, the young woman slid a photograph across the table. The black and white picture had been pulled from a stack of prints extracted from a folder.

      Clamming up, Jules leaned forward. She knew this routine. She would be shown a picture of Dan helping her off of the bus, or Ken backstage, making her taste his drink, or some other innocent something, totally out of context. Journalists seemed to love shocking a response during interviews, to glitz up their creation.

      But the picture resting on the table was of her and Matt.

      In a clear shot, the photographer had been lucky enough to be at the precise angle, and click the shutter at the precise three seconds needed to end up with this picture. Matt’s tongue to her cheek.

      She clearly remembered the day. A fresh snow had fallen. They were loading the bus that morning and snowballs were flying like crazy from all directions. Except for Matt, they were all born-and-bred California kids, so snow was a major deal. Candi and Dan had never seen snow until this tour. Jules had traveled some with her parents, but the snow destinations she could remember were few and far between.

      “Hey Jules,” Matt called. She had gotten too cold and was abandoning the snowball fight to board the bus and warm up. At this hail from the husky voice she loved, she paused just before taking the first step up. “Jules!”

      Unsuspectingly, she turned into a perfect pitch. Matt’s large snowball slammed into the side of her face, painfully so, and broke on impact.

      Her yelp brought a remorseful Matt running. He squeezed her into a hug even as he couldn’t stop laughing. “Oh, VooJu! You should’ve seen your face. Wish I had a picture!”

      How ironic!

      The shock faded some, and high on hysteria, she quipped a line from a sitcom they had taken on as a private joke. “Oh, my nose!” Her exclamation had modulated the girl on the show perfectly, whose nose had been broken by an accidental football throw. She flicked some of the snow from her shoulder onto him and then hit him for good measure.

      And that’s when it had happened.

      Laughing as he begged an apology, he’d licked the remaining snow from her face!

      As a chorus of “ews” and “raunchys” had chimed, she’d slapped at him again and stepped on the bus. Apparently, whoever the photographer had been hadn’t been on the bus. Because when Matt had boarded, feeling bad about hitting him, she’d broken her public affection stance and told him there was snow on his mouth…

      Jules tapped her fingers on the glossy photo. “Huh. Good one. Matt is such a clown. Do you mind if I keep this? I’d love to blackmail him with it.” Here she laughed.

      While she was still congratulating herself on her answer, another photo came her way, and she picked it up. Matt and her dancing. Their only physical contact was Matt’s hands holding her waist flush to his. Her arms were slightly raised as if in rhythm to the song. Although his tongue was in his mouth in this picture, their lust for one another was obvious in their eyes.

      An after party. Jules struggled to place it, but one hotel suite was pretty much the same as any other. She was at a loss for words, because she’d never known they looked that way together. Perfect. In love.

      Spellbound she continued to stare and quietly admitted, “A picture is worth a thousand words I suppose…”

above excerpt from Lisa Gillis' Six Silver Strings Series: Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars