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Tristan Loren, son of former rock star Jack Storm, is the first to admit he’s lived a privileged life. However, it's never been a normal life, and he dreams of an incognito existence. Chasing the vision of a woman and a world who doesn't know of him takes him from the sunshiny suburbs of Dallas to the snowy streets of Detroit.

Title: A Shit Storm
Author: Lisa Gillis
Genre: New Adult
Series: Six Silver Strings
Subset: E Strings
Pages: 328

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A breakdown of the book

A Shit Storm—the first novel in the E-Strings Set is already being hailed as the new favorite in the 6 Silver String Series. G-Strings fans are defecting, but to be fair, E-Strings gives Jack and Marissa almost as much spotlight time as Tristan. Matt and Jules even make cameo appearances.

What makes this one so special? Damned if I know. In fact, this author is still in love with the predecessor to the series, D-Strings. However, a couple of reviews have already come in by loyal fans, and talk is going around that can’t be ignored.

The main difference in E-Strings and the rest of the sets in SSS Series is the voice.

The book begins with Tristan babe watching on the beach in front of the Destin vaca home--in first person present tense.

Chapter One--in 3rd person past POV--opens with Marissa discovering her until now almost perfect son has gone rogue.

Chapter Two, back to Tristan. Tristan chapters are always distinguished with a text or some type of correspondence relating to the timeline.

Chapter Three is a scene in which Jack is playing with his two young daughters in the backyard pool while waiting anxiously for Marissa to get home, hoping she’ll beat the bad weather blowing in.

And on like this.

Chapters alternate from Tristan’s telling in first present POV to Jack or Marissa and their 3rd past POV.

If you haven’t read it yet, or if you have and haven’t weighed in, I’d love to hear YOUR POV. Thanks for loving the Loren family of rock stars!

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