Saturday, June 30, 2018

Author Confessions

Lately on various social media sites, #authorconfessions has been a trending hash. I was tagged in a few of these posts, but lack of time kept me from reciprocation. So with a few minutes today to kill, I'll make my post here, instead of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Story, etc. Besides, this blogger has been absent from post entirely too long!

I'm mental. Not certifiable because I hide it really well:

  • channeling MPD into heroes and villains
  • delusions into story arcs
  • manias into jaw dropping scenes and  quirky character flaws
  • bipolar moods into angsty scenes and happily-ever-afters. 
Writing voices I hear into stories is therapeutic enough to keep me running  errands among you instead of  rocking in a ward somewhere.

Disclaimer. Truly this post isn’t meant to lighten any type of mental illness. Diagnosed mental illnesses plague family and friends I love, including a cousin who for almost two decades has resided in a psychiatric facility. At times, I’ve battled anxiety or depression, and I believe everyone does deal with mood disorders, phobias, and more at some point in life. I admire all who overcome daily and those who support them. My heart breaks for all who don’t and their loved ones who don’t understand or see.