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Soul Mate Sightings

Did you know the moment you met your soul mate?

I met my soul mate at the carwash. True story. One of the outdoor coin operated rigs. Wearing a red dress and red heels, I wrestled the spray wand, dodging the ricocheting mist of the soap. A white Camero slowed to a stop--an older souped up model, suggesting it's owner is skilled under the hood;) The driver leaned out the open window. "Nice car!" He complimented my red Mustang. I know. I've often wondered if I hadn't matched my car that night if I would have still caught his notice. Exiting, he relieved me of the spray wand and took over the job. "You should take better care of it." If I answered, I don't remember. "Not let it get so dirty," he elaborated. What an ass, right? I didn't know it at the time, but that was my soul mate talking...

Fictional soul mates are easier to recognize. Have a favorite true or fictional soul mate story?

Now take a 

Trip into the 70's

Soul Mate Sighting Jules Breaux and Matt Loren

“But he’s a guy…”

“Yeah, I know, but Marc told him he could try out.” Jules did not even pause in her tidying up of the rec room as she shrugged in answer to the roll of Starla’s eyes.

“But he’s a guy.”

“We don’t have to let him in the band. Just be cool to him when he gets here. Then we can keep looking.” Snatching an ashtray, she dumped it into the trashcan she carried.

“You told Marc it was going to be all girls, right?”

“Yes, Star, yes.” One of Marc’s discarded shirts had the misfortune of being handy enough to double as a dust rag, and she swiped it over the drum stool and heads.

“So why would he…” Star trailed off, clearly peeved.

Holding the shirt, Jules surveyed the room. The area was cluttered with an assortment of guitars, a drum set, and a few other varied instruments, as well as a pool table, stereo, and sofa. Once her father’s toy room, the area had gradually become mostly her and Marc’s chill zone.

And now, it was begging to be a band practice room.

“Probably for a bag of weed, or wax for his board. Yeah, probably the wax since the guy works at ‘The Surf Shack.’” All of Marc’s surfer tribe smoked weed.

To that logic, Starla expelled a frustrated scream just as the doorbell chimed.

“Remember, be cool to him.” Jules turned a warning glance on Star as they filed down the hall to answer the door. “It’s not his fault my brother is a—”

“Okay!” Star hissed the interruption, motioning with a jerk of an irritated hand for Jules to proceed. Obviously, she wanted this inconvenience over and done with.

When Jules unlatched the door and pulled it open, both girls exchanged a quick surprised glance, and all traces of animosity dissipated. She found herself eye level with a shark’s tooth on a hemp string, resting just below the neckline on a white tee shirt. The neck it encircled was long, masculine, and tan. Tilting her chin, she stared into a face which fluttered her insides and flushed every cell. His eyes were as dark as the hair spilling around his features, and her gaze seemed glued to those chocolate pools.

“Hi! Come in!” Star edged forward when Jules couldn’t find her voice.

“He’s so fine!” Jules mouthed as she and Star led the way down the hall to the rec room. Maybe this audition would be a waste of time, but it would be an enjoyable waste.
t He had sauntered straight to her father’s drums, and currently stood assessing the white Pearl set with sheer reverence. A pair of drumsticks extended from one of the back pockets of his jeans, and her gaze lingered, transfixed by this area of his anatomy.

When he turned, she tried to jerk her eyes to his face, but was waylaid by the new eye candy. Until now, she had only curiously scoped out a guy’s crotch. Now, her heart pounded in a weird new way. Up. Up. Tee shirt hem. Surf Shack logo. Neckline. Adams Apple. Up. Lips. Helplessly, she lingered again. Up. Deep dark eyes framed by black lashes, enhanced by brows almost as black. A lock of dark hair fell over one of those brows, and he pushed it back as he waited for her to continue. His eyes skimmed down to the Wayward boots, seeming to stop for split seconds along the way, but by the time they met hers again, they were politely impersonal.

When she couldn’t seem to speak, and Star didn’t chime in, he curved an arm behind his back, whipping the sticks from his pocket. “Let’s rock!”

above excerpt from Lisa Gillis' Six Silver Strings Series: Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars




Add your favorite songs from the 70's decade!
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Trailer Wars

Trailer Wars Returns

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Storm's Eye Released on December 15th!

Exclusive Extra Long Teaser

Kicking off my flip flops, I approached the guitar neck, descended the incline, and sat with my knees pulled up in the inch or two of water.

My thoughts contorted like the surface reflections, my future seeming as mysterious as the shimmering shadows. There was no doubt this could be my dream house, my dream life with the man I loved. But not so dreamy was all I was beginning to see that came with him.

The crazy hours. The active life. A loud hoot of laughter sounded over the pounding music as if to enforce this point. The moody and presumptuous rock star.

Scooting up enough so lying back would leave my head out of the water, I reclined. After staring at the stars a bit, I closed my eyes.

The displacement of water rippling the ends of my floating hair was my cue that I was no longer alone. My lids fluttered open, seeing the light behind me blocked by a shadow. Jack eased down, and without touching me, lay back in the same manner.

He was the first to break the silence, a minute or so into it. “All good?”

The satellites among the stars winked and blinked, and I let a couple of breaths expel. “Sure.”

“It just seems like you’ve been mad at me all day.”

Now I did turn my head to study his profile. “Me? Mad at you?” Emphasizing the pronouns, I looked back to the sky when his head turned to me.

The feel of his gaze roving my face was a physical thing, but the humiliation of last night kept me from meeting his speculative eyes.

“I’m not the one mad if that’s what you’re saying.” His words were quiet, unsure.

“Aren’t you?”

“Why would I be?”

“I don’t know!” Emotion clogged my throat, and for a split second, I debated running from what had become a confrontation. Maybe Jack was right. Maybe I always ran when I could.

Damming up my feelings, I struggled to keep my voice from wavering. “It is not fair for you to hold the same shit against me that you’ve done.”


“It’s true I was kind of a slut. But I tried not to let it touch Tristan in any way. I thought—I mean—I know he looked forward to spending the night at Liv’s.” Stealing a quick sidelong glance, I pushed on, reluctantly spilling my past. “They would plan for two weeks the movies they were going to watch and what they were going to eat. I never thought he wondered where I was.”

A sad sigh left my lips, and just as quickly, the confused simmer of emotions boiled over. “But damn it, Jack, I was getting mine off a couple of times a month. You can’t tell me you weren’t every damn night!”

“So you’re thinking I’m pissed about what Tristan said last night?”

“Obviously you are.”

“I don’t like thinking about it. Hell, I can’t stand thinking about it—”

“You know, I was kind of wild in college, but I never had continuous random hookups until after you. That day with you, I had never had that connection before. And I made the mistake of thinking it was out there for me again. That fate was not so fucked up to make just ONE freaking man THAT guy.” The years of loneliness converged into this moment as I softly spoke. “I wanted that again, and thought that all I had to do was…”

“Was what?”

“Was keep looking until I found him.”

“Why? When you already found him?”

“You know why.”

“I don’t, Mariss…”

Now, finally, I looked at him, the anger and angst in my heart softening with his candor. “I think that’s one of the things I love about you. You’re from a different world and don’t even know it.”

“Not really.”

“Mmh.” I let it go and breathed an unburdened breath.

Behind us from the patio, the music thumped and voices rang out. Jack’s hand moved across the space between us to settle on my thigh. Not the least bit remorseful, his husky words were saturated with pride. “So I ruined you, huh?”

The cool night air could not keep the heat from flaming my face. Leave it to Jack to make an issue of anything sexual. “Yeah, I guess you did.”

“You guess? Maybe we should settle this right now.” Rolling to his side, he teased, trailing his fingers to naughty places.

With an exasperated sound, I pushed up, then stood, walking the several steps until I was deep enough to submerge into the tepid water. Without breaking the surface, I swam to the island and was not surprised when Jack surfaced next to me.

His kiss was wild and sweet, and my arms rose to rest on his shoulders, hanging on him as I often did when my knees went weak. My feelings were still mixed, and when I could think enough to remember why, I twisted some away from the tongue that so pleasingly scorched my ear.

“If you weren’t mad, then why wouldn’t you…” My words paused before I brokenly beseeched, “…fuck me last night?”

Deliberately, I whispered the dirtier word to entice him, because although I was still angry about the previous night, I still wanted him tonight.

Jack pushed me away enough to stare down into my face. “I told you last night!”

“Exactly. You said because of all the…” Trailing off as I suddenly gleaned the misunderstanding, I stepped back to him, dropping my head onto his shoulder. “I feel like an idiot.”

Just hours before that fight, I had been the one to turn down a quickie in the shower because going after each other like animals for days had taken its toll on my body. When confessing this in the shower, I had seen the guilt in his eyes.

“I thought…” I was whispering against his skin.

“Thought what?” Gently he probed as he held me tight.

“You know. What I just said. I thought you were mad because of what Tristan said.”

“I’m so sorry you thought that…” Like bands, his arms tightly and protectively encircled. “Damn, Mariss. I’m sorry. You don’t know how hard it was to try and convince you to go to sleep… And then when you ran out, I knew if I called you back or came to you, I would—I would be all over you.”

“I wasn’t hurting last night.”

“You had been drinking.”


“So how’re you feeling tonight…”

“Much better…”

“Maybe I should verify that. After all, you’ve had a couple of drinks…”

His head disappeared beneath the surface. When he came back up, I was gasping. Rewarding me with one of his smirks, he went back down.

A wary eye remained on our guests but no one turned their heads while I was getting head. With his first dunk, Jack had teased over my swimsuit, and now he wasted no time hooking one finger and dragging the thin strip aside. His hair floated around this fiery kiss, tickling my thighs and stomach as his tongue branded me.

He came up for air and leaned his forehead on mine.



“Don’t always think the worst of me…”

“I don’t. I asked…and you said…and I just misunderstood.”

“I’m sorry…” He kissed the apology from his mouth to mine as he dipped a hand inside the front of the swimsuit. “I thought I was looking out for you…”

“And this morning?”

“I was giving you something to think about in the shower.”

“What made you so sure I was going to take a shower?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because I took a long one myself.” He dipped a hand inside the front of the swimsuit. “Did you?”

Raggedly, I made the truthful admission while he made me crazy with his lips on my neck and the tease of his hands. Since his body was blocking me from being seen, I didn’t protest at first, too caught up to care about anything outside our make-out session. He figured out my swimsuit unhooked from the shoulders. Peeling it down, he played with the unveiled curves, but when he knelt enough to put his mouth to them, I was slapped back to reality, looking over his head to the party beyond.

A nip. A tongue lash. A suck. His knee moved up between my legs, keeping warm the other part of my body, which was still throbbing from this same treatment. Jack stood up enough to rub another kiss to my lips and to push the fabric to my waist. When I felt the drag of it over my hips, I protested.

“Seriously? With everyone just right there?”

Was this the rock star life? Yet I knew the answer. No one had taken notice yet. Jack’s answer was a simple rock star answer. Barely raising his lips from mine, he raised his voice, and it carried over his shoulder across the water.

“Party’s over! Bye!”

His tongue reunited with mine as if the time apart to say those few words had been an eternity. Tilting my head, I watched in astonishment as the patio emptied in less than three minutes. Most of our guests even called out a cheerful good-bye.

Reassuringly, I sought out Tristan’s sleeping form on the couch before taking a dip under the water myself. It was strange to turn him on in all of the ways he loved but not be able to hear a response. Combined was the freaked half-fearful feeling to be in this position completely at anyone’s mercy, even a lover’s.

Sucking air into my burning lungs, I surfaced, whispering against his wet skin, “Can’t hold my breath as long as you…”

He hopped up onto the sunning island, pulling me with him, and when he occupied himself stripping me out of the swimsuit, I looked nervously to the house again.

“What about Dax?”

“Don’t worry about Dax. He’s as good as gone.”

The wet fabric made a splash in the inch of water beside us. My eyes fell to the dark shadow of his trunks in the deeper water where we had been standing.

Finally, I took him in, all wet and sexy beneath me.

Every breath and groan echoed over the water. I alternated my gaze from the stars in heaven to the rock star who was my current heaven.

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Countdown to Release

Storm's Eye will release on December 15th.
Until then it can be pre-ordered on amazon at a .99 price!
Is this the first you're hearing of it?
Check out the trailers and teasers to see how hot it can get in December


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Stop to Enjoy the Holidays

Midway through Cyber Monday I realize I'm being sucked into the holidays in the usual way. Except, I'm falling deeper. This year instead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we had Black Friday Deals WEEK and Cyber Monday WEEK. This means I haven't stopped my manic shopping yet, desperate to find each and every deal that applies to my Christmas list.

I've watched traffic get crazy in my tiny town, people become impatient. This time of the year didn't begin as retail, and even though it's our way of life right now, we shouldn't become so stirred up in the retail, the pretty lights, and the delicious recipes that we forget the details of the season.

Have a safe holiday season, love your family, think of your blessings, and give humbly to those in need.

Have you previously been in involved in holiday cards for US soldiers? This program is changed in 2014. If you have cards, you can get in touch with your local red cross, get info on how to make them out, and in most cases drop them off for the Red Cross to distribute.

Looking to give toys to underprivileged children or canned goods to needy families? Contact your local fire station or Chamber of Commerce.

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Who is your book boyfriend this holiday? And do you want a new Kindle Touch to read him?

A lot of books are releasing and on sale this week, and many more planned through the holidays. Among them *cough* Jack and Marissa's hot and steamy Eye of the Storms that just went live! I'm so excited about this release that I wanted to do something special.

Along with Eye of the Storm release will be a giveaway of the new Kindle Touch!

I've never done a giveaway with a book release. I push the publish button, the book goes live, and the enthusiasm shown for Jack, Marissa, and Tristan always makes me teary and giddy. I want to give back, and wanted to do it in a big way. And at the same time, I want to introduce more readers to the Storm family.

 If you're a subscriber to Lisa Gillis Email That Rocks, you've already been entered, but you can earn more entries.
If you haven't subscribed to Rock Your Read, Email that Rocks, just enter your info to enter the contest. I promise, no spam. In fact, sometimes months go by with no emails in between book releases. Come rock with us!

Laura Taylor who is well known for her military, and romantic suspense novels, and Kristine Cayne who is well known for military, romantic suspense, and the hottest fire fighter novels you'll ever read have joined the giveaway. Their works have been on bestseller lists and have won awards. I want to introduce you because I'm pretty positive you will love their fictional worlds if you love mine.

Check 'em out 

On Sale now from Kristine Cayne

A Celebrity Stalking Story
$0.99 until Thursday

On Sale now from Laura Taylor

New Boxed Set Romantic Suspense
$1.99 until the 30th 

Just Released from Lisa Gillis

Rock Star Romance
$0.99 Today
International Link

Keep up with the best Fictional Boyfriends

Kindle Touch Giveaway

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A Little Déjà vu and A Lot More Fun

So you've heard this somewhere before? 

Read it in a book? 
Yes. But you've never read it like this. 

Eye of the Storms is the same Jack and Marissa story, but with expanded steamier scenes, all new scenes, and a whole new point of view.

We now read from Marissa's point of view instead of a narrative--Eye being the keyword equated to I. Jack also jumps in with several chapters of is own.

Ever wonder Jack's thoughts that fateful festival day? It's in the Eyes book.

Remember the fateful phone call? 

           The seconds ticked by, and only background sounds filtered through: the light pound of music, the whip of wind on the phone mic, the rumble of traffic. She didn’t know whether to imagine him in his car or standing on a porch at his home. Then he spoke, and both images dropped away.

           “Not mine, you’re not. You are not looking at my kid.” The denial was firm, and she wondered if he was willing it to be true, or if he actually believed it so. ~Excerpt From Jack Who?

Ever wonder what was happening on Jack's side of the phone that day?

          With each unreturned text and that last ignored voicemail I’d told myself I was ignoring her because I wanted to call her on my terms. Not because after five fucking years she decided she wanted some of Jack Storm again and hit me up...

         ...I closed my eyes against the sun, the sway of the trees, and the cottony clouds. I closed out my pool and the three smokin’ hot babes who drifted on floats—completely nude.

          “Not mine, you’re not. You’re not looking at my kid.”~Excerpt From Eyes of the Storms

    If you've read Jack and Marissa before, no doubt, you'll experience a lot of déjà vu. But fear not, you'll also be treated to the book in a whole new way. 

"Jack and Marriss were pretty great the first time around, but they are simply exquisite now. A bit sexier, a bit more rounded out, and simply fantastic."~GoodReads review from a reader of both books

Coming to Kindle November 17, 2014

Eye of the Storms

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Rock and Roll Halloween 70's Style

The D-Strings Trilogy Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars covers a decade of rock and roll scenarios involving members of the book's fictional band Cawaba beginning in the early 70's.

Today with Halloween on my mind, I realized these novels make mention of the black cat holiday more than once. So here they are, pieces of the scenes. Don't worry, spoilers are cut out for anyone who still hasn't met Matt and Jules.

If you've read the book, vote your favorite Halloween scene in the comments and your name will go into a monthly drawing for winner's choice swag pack!

Halloween Scene One: “You scared the shit out of me!”

With the house to herself, she left the bedroom door open while dressing. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she noticed her lone audience. Matt was standing in the hallway just outside the threshold, and the flame in his eyes singed her in every way. Emotionally. Physically.

      “You fuck head,” she cursed, as her heart picked up its pace. “You scared the shit out of me!”

      She had just pulled a tee shirt over her head, and her jeans were in her hand.

      “Don’t bother?” He phrased the two words as a question, but his body against hers was not an interrogative.

      The jeans dropped to the floor.

      There was something delightfully decadent about falling with him onto her own bed—the bed of so many Matt fantasies.

      “Guess where the Halloween gig is!”

      His weight balanced equally on her and one of his knees, and the words spoken into her neck made guessing difficult, but she threw a few club names out.

      Doing an imitation of a game show fail buzzer, he never paused in their play. “Guess!” he prompted again, but she could only gasp.

      With strength born of determination, she shifted their positions, and when she heard his gasp, she demanded, “Tell me!”

      His laughter rumbled pleasantly into her ears and against her body. “No. You guess…”

      “Tell me…”


      They played until the game ended with a wildcard guess from her and his acknowledgment. Pushing herself up, she resounded, “No way!”

      “Way.” And he pulled her back down.

Halloween Scene Two: “How come you smell so good?"

They played a private Halloween party on the weekend before the Hallows Eve and then on the actual night of Halloween, they played the infamous club whose name she had guessed.

      Jules smoked a cigarette as they mingled, post show, in the back lot of the club with a group that included some of the kids from school..

      Because her attention was diverted, she didn’t see Matt move. Yet, oddly enough, she knew it was him when she felt the presence behind her and the hands on her waist.

      They settled with the ease of hands that had pulled her waist to his many times before, whether jeans to jeans, or skin to skin. A surge of desire rippled through her nerves, but she made light of his nearness. Removing a lighter from the hip pocket of her ripped jeans, she lightly joked, “Is this what you’re after?”

      Matt seized it and stepped around to her side as he murmured, “Among other things.”

      Raising her brows in warning, she pierced him with her eyes while shooting him a smile for the benefit of the others. “Cigarette, too?”

      Matt beseeched a sardonic, “Pleeease?”

      From her other pocket, she slid her slim gold cigarette case, handing it off to him. After lighting his cigarette, he slipped the lighter and the case back into their respective pockets, lingering a second or two more than necessary with his hands. Fingers curved unseen to caress her thighs through the thin cotton pocket. With a counteractive yank to her hair, he milled back toward the girls...

      (and then the best part of this scene is what happens at the end of the night ;)

      In perfect unison, Matt turned on his black lights; Jules locked the bedroom door. Matt pulled at the bedspread; Jules switched on the FM radio. It was not the first time this had been their private get away. A few times, when curfew had not been an issue, they had driven the extra miles here to Santa Monica and this bed.

      Matt encircled her from behind, as she stood lost in that particular memory.

      “You smell good…,” he whispered against her neck. “How come you smell so good, huh?”

      “Cos I’m not the drummer…”

      “Liar…liar. Pants on fire…” The teasing lilt in his quiet words was beguiling. Fingers hooked into the waist of freshly laundered jeans—not her studded show jeans. Fingers making her crazy on the silk under the jeans… “You snuck a shower in…”

Halloween Scene Three: Cotton Candy

Halloween came. In the matter of costumes, the band had finally decided to use a ballpoint pen and permanent marker on their skin.

     Under the bright dressing room lights, they dissolved into hysterical fits as they took turns doing pushups, or whatever it took to get the blood flowing, the veins bulging. They helped each other paint over the actual veins that showed through their skin. From there, they improvised for effect, covering in this way any skin not concealed by their clothes.

     The effect was dramatic, like some sort of alien beings.

     The Halloween show was part of a state fair, and afterward, they all walked around, eating like crazy and playing the games on the midway as the other band took the stage....

      Over and over, they were stopped for pictures and autographs with fans.

      Most of the people asking for autographs did not have a THING to sign, and Jules hid her possessive feelings with an amused smile as Matt and Dan signed the fifth or sixth breast. One girl’s boyfriend literally glowered as the girl flushed and flirted....

      Word of them wandering the fair seemed to spread like wildfire, and it got crazier and crazier. While it was fun at first, eventually, they couldn’t go five minutes without being stopped and drawing bigger crowds with each stop.

      Unanimously, they decided to sprint for the bus...

      Matt twisted on the shower, and she lingered at the sink, moping at her spidery vein face in the mirror. “I really, really wanted to ride some rides.”

      Matt retorted with a totally male comment about a ride waiting for her. But when he saw how serious and disappointed she was at not being able to fully experience the fair, he made it his mission to take her back.

      In the shower, they scrubbed at the black ink on their necks, faces, hands, and arms. As they dressed, Matt offered the advice that her ripped jeans were a dead giveaway, so she drew a rarely worn short black skirt and matching satin shirt from her luggage...

(And they go to the fair, ride some rides, and I'm still kicking myself for not expanding on that cotton candy scene once they got back to the hotel)

Have a rocking Halloween!

And you can vote your favorite in the G+ comments, or on twitter @LiGillis, or on the facebook page post

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So You Wanna Rock? Looking for bloggers to rock release day! ARC's on request

Eye of the Storms by Lisa Gillis

 Release Date November 17, ARC's available on request

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Unusual Story Behind Lisa Gillis' Upcoming Release Eyes of the Storms

Eyes of the Storms by Lisa Gillis 

is a Rock Romance with an interesting story behind it. Jack Who? and Weathering Jack Storm enjoyed a successful debut a year ago. However, the released version of the books varies greatly from the original which were written and enjoyed by over a million readers on Wattpad.

When Wattpad friends and readers said I should publish, I edited out the steamier parts, switched the POV view from 1st to 3rd, and shopped the manuscript around to a few agents. I'm not a patient person and the 90 to 120 day waiting response period wasn't working for me. It was an easy decision to self publish. When I made the announcement, my Wattpad readers, who are a great support group, said I should publish the Wattpad version. Did I mention I am impatient? I didn't want to go through months with another editing, so instead I published the 3rd POV, non-steamy version that was already ready.

Although the readers who first loved Jack, Marissa, and Tristan thew their full support behind the project, many of them mentioned the published version lacked a spark the original Wattpad version had. So now in the anniversary era of Jack Who? and Weathering, I'm happy to present Eyes of the Storms (I's of the Storms-get it? :) for my rock star readers who first loved the Storms.

Steamy scenes are back and even hotter. The POV is restored to first. Extra scenes have been written in because we needed more Jack :)


Our kiss became separated as he pushed at his jeans, and I took that opportunity to rid my feet of socks and shoes. Straightening, I found his eyes skimming over me, and I was glad I’d listened to Olivia and worn the lingerie from the back corner of my drawer. Standing before him, wearing only a pair of red G-string underwear, I’d never felt sexier.

And that was good. Because I’d never seen any man as sexy as Jack. He was just stepping from his jeans, and with a little kick, he sent them to the side. My breath came in short pants as I took in once more all that had spellbound me since first laying eyes on him. The shiny, shaggy hair falling over broad shoulders, inked triceps, biceps, forearms—when had I ever thought a man’s forearms were sexy? Yet Jack’s were. Long fingers. Abs tapering into a now bare waist, lean strong hipbones, and between them…

Holy fuckin' shit

I could feel the short hitches of my breath as I admired, and at the same time, craved every inch. Could I take every inch? That remained to be seen, but I’d die a happy woman trying. Briefly, my eyes touched over tan muscular legs, and long sexy feet, before they greedily came back up to those many thick inches… is this why Olivia was rock star crazed? Is this why groupies acted demented? Were all rock stars this blessed anatomically?
Eye of the Storms

Bloggers Welcome

All blogs welcome and much appreciated. If you're a blogger who can host a Release Blitz or a stop on a tour, links to signup forms below. ARC's are being offered a few weeks before the release date of November 17, 2014.
Blog Tour November 24-December 3 Signup

Contact Lisa or Find the Six Silver Strings Series

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They depart one week later, leaving no trace...Burning Man

Once a year, thousands of participants gather in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a place dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, leaving no trace.

Cleanup is done by the campers bka 'burners.' Anything brought in is taken out--even remnants of firepits. The desert is inspected for MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) for months afterward by restoration experts or "earth guardians" to ensure that sand is the only thing left on The Playa.

Black Rock City is a place dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance. Ending the week and the year's Burn is the torching of 'The Man,' a huge wooden structure erected in the days prior, and the Burning of the "Temple" the next night.

What's the purpose of this ginormous bonfire? Should I bring marshmallows?

Burning Man has no one purpose. It's an act of self-expression that differs to each person who attends or watches the burn. The first burning man during a campout decades ago was done on the anniversary of a lost love affair. Definitely no marshmallows. It's anything but a bonfire, it's a very personal and meaningful time for those who attend. The Temple is christened and themed differently each year, but one constant are the soulful scrawlings adorning the structure that will go up in flames along with it. 

Sands of Time 

The history of this event goes back to 1986 when a few campers built an 8 foot plywood man, burned it, and it became a summer ritual. Now it has become a festivity that is capped at 50,000 people, and a 50,000 foot burning man. Initially camping was free, now tickets are almost $400. Burning Man is non profit. All money goes into  financing the festival: paying for land-use fees, fuel, artists’ grants, medical services, infrastructure, insurance, wages for a full-time staff of 37, along with eight part-time employees and several hundred seasonal workers. 

In most recent years, in addition to regular attendees who come year to mingle and soul seek, Burning Man has become a draw to entrepreneur power giants. This has caused some controversy. Since burning man is non-monetary, the lavish RV camps--some camps which are rumored to be accessible for 25k--are drawing frowns from some veteran burners, and hyping up this year's media coverage.

Truth be told, many of these power giants have been burners for decades. As for flying in fancy foods, living lavishly in the desert while others pup tent around them? This has been going on since the beginning of burns too. Burning Man has always had a sense of to each his own. And that guy in the tent over there? Don't be surprised if his burn budget included a cooler of gourmet food to randomly gift away, or tanks of liquid nitrogen for an impromptu ice cream party.

Almost nothing can be bought or sold inside Black Rock City's gates. 

The few exceptions are Center Camp Cafe, which has a few refreshments. Ice is sold, benefits going to the local school system, and a few other services beneficial to the clean and environmentally safe operations of the area, such as RV dump and gray water disposal. Before leaving the Playa, you must buy a re-entry band. And there is a shuttle service fee. Any other exchange of goods or services are gifted away.

Mutant Vehicles

Only approved vehicles, and a limited amount of these are allowed inside the area. Vehicles must go through a pre-inspection that will authorize them as a mutant vehicle and a pass will be issued for a fee. The exception to mutant vehicles is a few service vehicles. What is a mutant vehicle? Exactly that. An artistically mutated vehicle also known as Art Car. Vehicles only decorated, still recognizable as what they once were, are not considered mutated. The mutant vehicles, especially at night, are one of the aesthetic sights of the playa.

Theme Camps

An integral part of the burning man festivities include theme camps. A theme camp’s plans and mission must be submitted months prior to the burn and registered. They must be interactive and must include activities, events, or services that benefit the atmosphere. Creating a place to chillax and listen to music is not enough to get a permit. These are becoming more lavish every year. Sometimes the theme camps are a core for a larger event later. Many of these camps come return year after year. As with everything else on the Playa, they are cleaned up without a trace, sometimes burned. Pictures following are of a dance contest in a theme camp, areal plans of a camp, and a camp at night.

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Wondering why you don't see more pictures floating around the internet?

Black Rock City regulations require all devices capable of capturing moving video to be registered, this includes cell phones, and a personal use agreement signed. Unless given approval, all pictures and video streams can only be shared between friends and family. They cannot even go up on a public blog. A copyright is assumed on such media, and any violation of it is not tolerated. Any press coverage of Burning Man is assisted by 'The Media Mecca.'

Sound like fun?

Burning man is not only an experience, but something better experienced with experience. Experience clearly the keyword! “The endless amount of tribal knowledge at Burning Man takes years to amass; trial and error are a way of life at Burning Man.”  Worthwhile to know include the simplest but vital things like how many gallons of water to bring for each day, wear a bandanna around your neck in case of a sudden dust storm, bring a bicycle for getting around the huge area, how to secure your tent from frequent gusty winds, extreme temps of the desert, the list goes on. Veteran burners are happy to give advice during the planning and packing stage, as well as when you get to Black Rock City. The website and blogspot burningman.com is a wealth of information, and don't over look the YouTube channel for tips as well as amazing videos of past burns. Connect on or @burningman to meet burners. Another great connection is

I talked to a 10 year burner and I want to go, but...

You Might Die

It's a warning that varies from year to year, but is always on the back of each and every ticket. You might die, and if you do, it's your responsibility, you understood that when showing up. Black Rock City has numerous law enforcement officials. They blend in with the culture of the city, but are on hand to ensure the rules and regulations are followed. In spite of that, tragic things happen, and have happened.

Group or solo camping? Both have benefits and advice varies.

“ My first year I went solo...if you feel like taking off at 2am on a hunt for Japanese tea camps you can just do it”

“Doesn't have to be a theme camp, but you should absolutely find a camp. It can be a lonely place out there”

“… if you don't want to wash dishes every other night while others are out having fun, then you might be best off on your own.”

Tent or RV? That's also been a lively debate for years.

“an RV kind of takes away from the experience in my opinion. You can make a shade structure and have a home camp in the matter of 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. And you'll enjoy it more…”

"RV campers vary just as much as tent campers, and some of our most awesome neighbors had a HUGE RV that they built a giant public communal shade off of."

Theme camp or not?

'Only join theme camps that you are actually interested in helping out their art mission.'

In any case:
'no one is expecting you to do very much your first year other than not being a burden to everyone else.'

Want to watch a live stream of 2014 burning man going on now?

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Hi Rock Stars! Your Rock and Roll Drama Queen Here 

Burning Man has intrigued me since my first burn, an envy burn, and a future rock star novel centered around the event is in the planning stages. Labor Day weekend also means Jack and Marissa's publishing anniversary! To celebrate, Jack Who and the D-Strings Set is on sale this weekend for $0.99 AND the first ever physical book Jack Who? is now available!  Checkout for details!

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Laurel Canyon's Ghost Carriage Makes a Fictional Appearance #rock #romance #asmsg

A Fictional Rock Reality

Matt, still charged from the show, began kissing her before he even changed seats.

“The window…” Jules reminded, as he swung a leg over her way, and he obligingly leaned back long enough to twist it up.

“That’s not going to stop Bigfoot from reaching in the top and dragging you out by your hair,” he teased.

“Shut up…” she retorted and shot a wary glance to the open T-tops.

She had never told Matt that it was a human monster she feared. Matt knew the ghost stories of this area—the creepiest of them being the horse drawn carriage. Some said this apparition manifested for as long as a minute, causing panicked drivers and wrecks. But she could never bring herself to talk about her real fear, which was greater than a ghost carriage.

Settling in his lap, she returned his hungry kisses as he let the seat back as far as it would go. Matt took the rubber band from his own hair and twisted it into hers, a sure sign that he was crazy horny and wanted nothing in the way for now.

Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars, D-String Set in the Six Silver Strings Series, is a fictional rock romance rooted in reality. The realities of this book are found in the historical events and actual bands intertwined into the story of a 70’s rock band Cawaba and the rocky romance of two bandmates Matt Loren and Jules Breaux.

A few months ago, I mentioned the Laurel Canyon area, which is one of the main backdrops of this story, and the history and legends of the area. One huge paranormal legend lies at the intersection of  Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Lookout Mountain Road.

Numerous reports tell of a black carriage drawn by white horses, silently racing across the road during a two second glimpse before vanishing. The sighting has even caused wrecks when drivers try to avoid it. The most recent sightings are recorded only months ago.

Is this in Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars? You betcha! Along with the Rock and Roll Treehouse, mention of the Manson Murders, and legendary figures from the 70s crucial to Laurel Canyon’s history. But back to the white horses…

Here are 2 more excerpts from the trilogy.

When she and Star parted, Jules began the drive home and realized within two minutes that she shouldn’t be behind the wheel. She wanted to call Matt to come get her. She wanted to go home to him. To his home, which should be their home. To the couch, or the bed, or whatever Matt had tonight. The payphone was even in her hand with a dime in its slot when she remembered their last conversation about her drinking, and she replaced the receiver. Buying a coffee, she iced it, despite the store clerk’s revolted stare. Carrying it to the car, she chugged it in her usual manner before twisting the key.

Driving down The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, she took care, watching the lights and the light flow of traffic. She made the right from Sunset onto Laurel Canyon. With her foot barely depressing the gas, she glued her eyes to her headlights as they illuminated the steep road, curve after curve.

Coasting to a stop before turning onto Lookout Mountain, she noted the empty bus stop, and debated on lighting another cigarette. It was in that moment, when she glanced from the bus stop, back to the road ahead, that it happened.

The mythical horse and carriage apparition. In her imagination, the horses, and the carriage had always both been white, wispy, ghostly. But tonight, the horses were a majestic white, and the carriage black. Seeming to come out of nowhere, it lumbered across the road, and if she had blinked her eyes, in that time it was gone. But she was sure she hadn't blinked.

The blare of a car horn from behind jerked her from her state of shock, and she lifted her head from the steering wheel… wait, when had she dropped her head to the wheel? And when had a car pulled up behind her?

Forcing calming breaths into her lungs, she moved her foot from the break to the gas.

At last, she unclenched her knuckles from the steering wheel long enough to punch the code into the gate before pulling into her driveway in relief…

…Stumbled out of the car…

…Stumbled up steps and stairs… through the dark night… down the dark hallway…

…Tripped on more than one stair…

…A fearful eye stayed on the third story stairwell, which led to the master bedroom and her sleeping mother. Finally, she was easing her bedroom door closed.

“And forget you owed me a call due to common courtesy. WHY wouldn’t you WANT to call?” Distortion again. And that vulnerable inflection from Matt tore at her heart. “So I’m asking again, what’s going on? What’s been going on?” When she stayed quiet, unable to answer, he asked, “Can’t you just say it?”

“No. ” Her voice felt small, as if she were projecting it through a huge arena with a dead mic.

“You never can, can you?” A soft click and then seconds later the dial tone.

Trying unsuccessfully to process that statement, she smoked another cigarette before going up to her room and falling into her bed for more sleep.

The white horses ran through her memories as she dozed, and it was then that she came to the horrifying conclusion that she had dozed at the intersection last night.

From You Tube: Ghosts Wanted: The Phantom Carriage of Lookout Mountain

Book Video Trailer #NEW #Rock #Romance by #LisaGil... on Twitpic

Jack Storm was more than a tour bus bang. He is a secret Marissa must keep at all costs--except one... Lisa_Gillis LisaGillisAuthor author lisa gillis

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Fallen For Rock ~ a Rock Romance by Nicky Wells JustDropped !

Fallen For Rock

 ‘A thrilling and delicious story of love and self-discovery woven around a broken romance that will make you turn page after page and cheer to the end.’

Love, life, loyalties. Nothing stays the same when Emily gets drawn into the world of rock.

Glossy and sophisticated professional high-flyer Emily has no time for nonsense such as the rock music her ex-boyfriend Nate adored so much. Yet when she unexpectedly comes into possession of VIP tickets—access all areas—for new rock band phenomenon, MonX, she can’t resist the temptation.

The fateful gig turns into more than one night, and Emily finds herself strangely drawn to this new and unfamiliar glittery world. However, only weeks later, MonX and her own universe fall apart with devastating consequences for all. When MonX lead singer Mike appeals for her help, she reluctantly embraces a new opportunity. But she soon discovers that while she may be a rock chick after all, a groupie she is not… Or is she?

Just exactly where do her loyalties lie? And what direction will her life take now that she’s left behind everything she treasured?

Warning! Fallen For Rock contains some explicit content and strong language that may not be suitable for readers under eighteen years of age.

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To celebrate the launch of Fallen for Rock and to spread some joy, I’m giving away the following items:

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The Small Print:
Giveaway is open internationally. Giveaway entrants must be aged 18 or over. Giveaway closes at midnight on 14 August 2014. Winners will be notified by email.

About Nicky Wells: Romance that Rocks Your World!

Ultimate rock chick author Nicky Wells writes romance with rock stars—because there’s no better romantic hero than a golden-voiced bad boy with a secret soft heart and a magical stage presence!

Nicky’s books offer glitzy, glamorous romance with rock stars—imagine Bridget Jones ROCKS Notting Hill! If you’ve ever had a crush on any kind of celebrity, you’ll connect with Nicky’s heroes and their leading ladies.

Born in Germany, Nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 and currently lives in Lincoln with her husband and their two boys. Nicky loves listening to rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters. When she’s not writing, she’s a wife, mother, occasional knitter, and regular contributor at Siren 107.3 FM with her own monthly show. Rock on!

Did you know? There’s a single out now by Nicky’s fictional rock band Tuscq come to life! “Love Me Better” is available for download from Amazon, iTunes and many other places. 

Ten things you didn’t know about the rock star life — by Mike Loud

1)      You’re never alone. Ever. Not even on the toilet. Once you make it big, there’s always someone lurking somewhere, quite possibly with a camera.

2)      Rock stars work the most unsociable hours imaginable. When we’re recording, we’ll quite often start at two or three pm and then work through until four or five in the morning. No kidding. It’s intense!

3)      Temptation is everywhere, in every sense of the word, in every way you can imagine. The biggest temptation of all is to think you’ve made it big, and to let go of reality. I call that falling ‘off the cliff.’ Sadly, it happened to my lead guitarist, and the band was never the same.

4)      Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just get free upgrades to first class by airline staff, at least not anymore. I’ve tried.

5)      However, you can be certain to walk into almost any restaurant and be given a table at a moment’s notice. That’s got something to be said for it if you can’t be bothered to cook and the label is picking up the tab!

6)      The rock star life is actually pretty boring when we’re not touring or recording. They call it ‘resting’ but it drives me mad. I don’t do resting.

7)      We do have to pay rent and/or mortgages. That’s why most of us live in fairly ‘normal’ places unless the millions are literally rolling in.

8)      Self-doubt is an occupational hazard. Every song I write is ‘shite’ at some point. In fact, only the songs that don’t go through the ‘shite’ cycle turn out to be really crap. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder what my life wouldn’t have been easier if I’d stayed an architect. NOT!

9)      We’re hell to live with. Ladies, if you have visions of living in blissful harmony with your resident rock star idol, think again. We’re notoriously bad-tempered in the morning. Actually, we’re notoriously bad-tempered in the afternoon too. We hate being interrupted when we’re working. Ask Emily, she’ll tell you a story or three. We’re not proud of the fact but… we can’t help it.

10)   Being a rock star is like being a vicar. You don’t decide to be a rock star. It’s a calling and a vocation and an addiction. Once you know what you’ve got to do, you’re done for and there’s no way out. Bing a rock star totally rocks. Being on stage and seeing all of you cheer and clap and sing along gives me a high like nothing else. I’m totally addicted to it and wouldn’t do anything else, ever, not even in the darkest moments of point 8 above. It’s who I am and what I do.