Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Little Déjà vu and A Lot More Fun

So you've heard this somewhere before? 

Read it in a book? 
Yes. But you've never read it like this. 

Eye of the Storms is the same Jack and Marissa story, but with expanded steamier scenes, all new scenes, and a whole new point of view.

We now read from Marissa's point of view instead of a narrative--Eye being the keyword equated to I. Jack also jumps in with several chapters of is own.

Ever wonder Jack's thoughts that fateful festival day? It's in the Eyes book.

Remember the fateful phone call? 

           The seconds ticked by, and only background sounds filtered through: the light pound of music, the whip of wind on the phone mic, the rumble of traffic. She didn’t know whether to imagine him in his car or standing on a porch at his home. Then he spoke, and both images dropped away.

           “Not mine, you’re not. You are not looking at my kid.” The denial was firm, and she wondered if he was willing it to be true, or if he actually believed it so. ~Excerpt From Jack Who?

Ever wonder what was happening on Jack's side of the phone that day?

          With each unreturned text and that last ignored voicemail I’d told myself I was ignoring her because I wanted to call her on my terms. Not because after five fucking years she decided she wanted some of Jack Storm again and hit me up...

         ...I closed my eyes against the sun, the sway of the trees, and the cottony clouds. I closed out my pool and the three smokin’ hot babes who drifted on floats—completely nude.

          “Not mine, you’re not. You’re not looking at my kid.”~Excerpt From Eyes of the Storms

    If you've read Jack and Marissa before, no doubt, you'll experience a lot of déjà vu. But fear not, you'll also be treated to the book in a whole new way. 

"Jack and Marriss were pretty great the first time around, but they are simply exquisite now. A bit sexier, a bit more rounded out, and simply fantastic."~GoodReads review from a reader of both books

Coming to Kindle November 17, 2014

Eye of the Storms

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