Sunday, November 16, 2014

Who is your book boyfriend this holiday? And do you want a new Kindle Touch to read him?

A lot of books are releasing and on sale this week, and many more planned through the holidays. Among them *cough* Jack and Marissa's hot and steamy Eye of the Storms that just went live! I'm so excited about this release that I wanted to do something special.

Along with Eye of the Storm release will be a giveaway of the new Kindle Touch!

I've never done a giveaway with a book release. I push the publish button, the book goes live, and the enthusiasm shown for Jack, Marissa, and Tristan always makes me teary and giddy. I want to give back, and wanted to do it in a big way. And at the same time, I want to introduce more readers to the Storm family.

 If you're a subscriber to Lisa Gillis Email That Rocks, you've already been entered, but you can earn more entries.
If you haven't subscribed to Rock Your Read, Email that Rocks, just enter your info to enter the contest. I promise, no spam. In fact, sometimes months go by with no emails in between book releases. Come rock with us!

Laura Taylor who is well known for her military, and romantic suspense novels, and Kristine Cayne who is well known for military, romantic suspense, and the hottest fire fighter novels you'll ever read have joined the giveaway. Their works have been on bestseller lists and have won awards. I want to introduce you because I'm pretty positive you will love their fictional worlds if you love mine.

Check 'em out 

On Sale now from Kristine Cayne

A Celebrity Stalking Story
$0.99 until Thursday

On Sale now from Laura Taylor

New Boxed Set Romantic Suspense
$1.99 until the 30th 

Just Released from Lisa Gillis

Rock Star Romance
$0.99 Today
International Link

Keep up with the best Fictional Boyfriends

Kindle Touch Giveaway

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