Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stop to Enjoy the Holidays

Midway through Cyber Monday I realize I'm being sucked into the holidays in the usual way. Except, I'm falling deeper. This year instead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we had Black Friday Deals WEEK and Cyber Monday WEEK. This means I haven't stopped my manic shopping yet, desperate to find each and every deal that applies to my Christmas list.

I've watched traffic get crazy in my tiny town, people become impatient. This time of the year didn't begin as retail, and even though it's our way of life right now, we shouldn't become so stirred up in the retail, the pretty lights, and the delicious recipes that we forget the details of the season.

Have a safe holiday season, love your family, think of your blessings, and give humbly to those in need.

Have you previously been in involved in holiday cards for US soldiers? This program is changed in 2014. If you have cards, you can get in touch with your local red cross, get info on how to make them out, and in most cases drop them off for the Red Cross to distribute.

Looking to give toys to underprivileged children or canned goods to needy families? Contact your local fire station or Chamber of Commerce.

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