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Rock and Roll Halloween 70's Style

The D-Strings Trilogy Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars covers a decade of rock and roll scenarios involving members of the book's fictional band Cawaba beginning in the early 70's.

Today with Halloween on my mind, I realized these novels make mention of the black cat holiday more than once. So here they are, pieces of the scenes. Don't worry, spoilers are cut out for anyone who still hasn't met Matt and Jules.

If you've read the book, vote your favorite Halloween scene in the comments and your name will go into a monthly drawing for winner's choice swag pack!

Halloween Scene One: “You scared the shit out of me!”

With the house to herself, she left the bedroom door open while dressing. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she noticed her lone audience. Matt was standing in the hallway just outside the threshold, and the flame in his eyes singed her in every way. Emotionally. Physically.

      “You fuck head,” she cursed, as her heart picked up its pace. “You scared the shit out of me!”

      She had just pulled a tee shirt over her head, and her jeans were in her hand.

      “Don’t bother?” He phrased the two words as a question, but his body against hers was not an interrogative.

      The jeans dropped to the floor.

      There was something delightfully decadent about falling with him onto her own bed—the bed of so many Matt fantasies.

      “Guess where the Halloween gig is!”

      His weight balanced equally on her and one of his knees, and the words spoken into her neck made guessing difficult, but she threw a few club names out.

      Doing an imitation of a game show fail buzzer, he never paused in their play. “Guess!” he prompted again, but she could only gasp.

      With strength born of determination, she shifted their positions, and when she heard his gasp, she demanded, “Tell me!”

      His laughter rumbled pleasantly into her ears and against her body. “No. You guess…”

      “Tell me…”


      They played until the game ended with a wildcard guess from her and his acknowledgment. Pushing herself up, she resounded, “No way!”

      “Way.” And he pulled her back down.

Halloween Scene Two: “How come you smell so good?"

They played a private Halloween party on the weekend before the Hallows Eve and then on the actual night of Halloween, they played the infamous club whose name she had guessed.

      Jules smoked a cigarette as they mingled, post show, in the back lot of the club with a group that included some of the kids from school..

      Because her attention was diverted, she didn’t see Matt move. Yet, oddly enough, she knew it was him when she felt the presence behind her and the hands on her waist.

      They settled with the ease of hands that had pulled her waist to his many times before, whether jeans to jeans, or skin to skin. A surge of desire rippled through her nerves, but she made light of his nearness. Removing a lighter from the hip pocket of her ripped jeans, she lightly joked, “Is this what you’re after?”

      Matt seized it and stepped around to her side as he murmured, “Among other things.”

      Raising her brows in warning, she pierced him with her eyes while shooting him a smile for the benefit of the others. “Cigarette, too?”

      Matt beseeched a sardonic, “Pleeease?”

      From her other pocket, she slid her slim gold cigarette case, handing it off to him. After lighting his cigarette, he slipped the lighter and the case back into their respective pockets, lingering a second or two more than necessary with his hands. Fingers curved unseen to caress her thighs through the thin cotton pocket. With a counteractive yank to her hair, he milled back toward the girls...

      (and then the best part of this scene is what happens at the end of the night ;)

      In perfect unison, Matt turned on his black lights; Jules locked the bedroom door. Matt pulled at the bedspread; Jules switched on the FM radio. It was not the first time this had been their private get away. A few times, when curfew had not been an issue, they had driven the extra miles here to Santa Monica and this bed.

      Matt encircled her from behind, as she stood lost in that particular memory.

      “You smell good…,” he whispered against her neck. “How come you smell so good, huh?”

      “Cos I’m not the drummer…”

      “Liar…liar. Pants on fire…” The teasing lilt in his quiet words was beguiling. Fingers hooked into the waist of freshly laundered jeans—not her studded show jeans. Fingers making her crazy on the silk under the jeans… “You snuck a shower in…”

Halloween Scene Three: Cotton Candy

Halloween came. In the matter of costumes, the band had finally decided to use a ballpoint pen and permanent marker on their skin.

     Under the bright dressing room lights, they dissolved into hysterical fits as they took turns doing pushups, or whatever it took to get the blood flowing, the veins bulging. They helped each other paint over the actual veins that showed through their skin. From there, they improvised for effect, covering in this way any skin not concealed by their clothes.

     The effect was dramatic, like some sort of alien beings.

     The Halloween show was part of a state fair, and afterward, they all walked around, eating like crazy and playing the games on the midway as the other band took the stage....

      Over and over, they were stopped for pictures and autographs with fans.

      Most of the people asking for autographs did not have a THING to sign, and Jules hid her possessive feelings with an amused smile as Matt and Dan signed the fifth or sixth breast. One girl’s boyfriend literally glowered as the girl flushed and flirted....

      Word of them wandering the fair seemed to spread like wildfire, and it got crazier and crazier. While it was fun at first, eventually, they couldn’t go five minutes without being stopped and drawing bigger crowds with each stop.

      Unanimously, they decided to sprint for the bus...

      Matt twisted on the shower, and she lingered at the sink, moping at her spidery vein face in the mirror. “I really, really wanted to ride some rides.”

      Matt retorted with a totally male comment about a ride waiting for her. But when he saw how serious and disappointed she was at not being able to fully experience the fair, he made it his mission to take her back.

      In the shower, they scrubbed at the black ink on their necks, faces, hands, and arms. As they dressed, Matt offered the advice that her ripped jeans were a dead giveaway, so she drew a rarely worn short black skirt and matching satin shirt from her luggage...

(And they go to the fair, ride some rides, and I'm still kicking myself for not expanding on that cotton candy scene once they got back to the hotel)

Have a rocking Halloween!

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