Monday, April 21, 2014

I Can Make You Love Him [ #rock #romance #pdf1 #asmsg ]

Before publishing, I spent many hours interacting and writing on a social site. The comradeship of other authors, the immediate input of readers after each chapter, fans who loved the stories and didn't tear them apart—I could go on about how wonderfully different this was, and I do miss it. There are just not enough hours in the day.

All day every day lately has been devoted to the new series D-String. Readers who know the Six Silver Strings Series  and the plan for it, know that it is my hope to put out a trilogy set titled with guitar strings. The G-String Set came first—or did it?

G-String Set was the first published, but actually it was a spin off from D-String, which is due out by summer. In the G-String set, readers fell hard for Jack Storm rock star, and some not so much for the heroine Marissa Dupleix. Marissa had her issues, and anyone who read to the end of the series, especially anyone who has loved someone who they felt was far above them, related to her desperation and insecurities.

In that series, however, it’s Jack who is breaking hearts. Readers want Jack back, more than some new rock star on the horizon in some D-String Set. On the social site, I had posted several novels. Accolades for each hero were in the comments at the end of each book. Invariably at the beginning of the next series, readers swore they could never love the next guy as much as the previous.

“Jared is great, but Matt is still my man.”

My answer was always a joking, “I can make you love him.” Joking, because it isn't me playing God with my characters. The characters have a life of their own, and just take over the laptop keys. But I promise you it happened. By the end of the next series, most readers had fallen in love again—harder.

“Okay, you did it. I want a Matt. Tissues, I need tissues!”

Matt’s time is almost here, and I hope you guys will love my first love as much as you love Jack!  

[Disclaimer: It’s 6:00 a.m. and Matt is calling, don’t hate on the blogging typos ;)]

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  1. I always enjoy falling in love with a character!

    1. Cool! Thanks for that, I'm really nervous about a new series,even it's related in a small way (and how did I not see this comment before sorry!).