Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Blues and Reds

A Valentine's Day Novelette to Jack & Marissa fans. Did I mention FREE? Yep, I wanted to say thank you. Readers are truly my RockStars! Subscribe and a code and link to your favorite format will be emailed. I will never spam and never share your email and that is a promise.

And about Valentine's Day. Of all holidays, this one has the power to make us as women unsure and insecure--and many times downright angry. Don't over think it. I have a confession. The love of my life, wonderful and great in every way, just doesn't get Valentine's Day. I would leave it at that except I don't want anyone to think he doesn't bother. That is the problem. He does. He spends a fortune on roses that are trashed a week later. Very few times in our many years together have I had anything lasting from Valentine's Day--except the relationship. And I guess that says it all, because in the end, that is all I could want. Don't stress the day. Be happy in your life. Above all, read a good book. The fictional loves of our lives will never disappoint!   

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  1. Hello from the Writer's event. Enjoyed your thoughts on Valentines Day.