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Decade Differences: Love Makers and Breakers

In Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars the setting is the 70's. When researching this decade, I was amazed at how much technology has changed in a short time. I know I've done these posts before, but thought I'd begin adding them in again--the throwback to that era.

Tonight is about phones.

"She missed Matt, and there were times when she would've called him had a telephone been as close as the tips of her fingers." 

In Chapter 10 of Half Moon, Jules is on a trip with her mother drinking away relationship worries and rethinking her relationship with Matt. If cell phones had been around then, would this chapter have ended differently?

Hmm, I'm thinking a resounding yes!

Chapter 10 of Rising Sun falls during a year when rotary dial phones were being phased slowly by households into push button, and presumably, more quickly into businesses.

Excerpt from this chapter:

“Think I will get this.” Jules fingered a shiny orange, sleeveless top picturing it under her black jacket. Holding it up to her chest, she swung around to the mirrored column.
Starla let out her signature squeal of approval. “Makes your hair pop.”
And, hopefully, Matt’s eyes pop. Jules smiled at the secret thought. They were just friends, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to look good for him.
They left the store after Jules actually paid for her shirt. Star drove Jules to her therapy appointment and then sat in the waiting area, thumbing through a magazine until Jules was done. Since they had been fifteen minutes late, it was only a forty-five minute ordeal.
The therapist, upon hearing Jules’ parents were back in town, was interested in the so far elusive appointment with them as a family unit. Jules let her know that realistically, it would most likely never happen.
“Why don’t I just give them a call now, since they are both home, you said?” Nodding, Jules picked at the color on her fingernails, listening with interest to the soft bleep of each digit as her home number punched into the sleek phone with buttons instead of a rotary dial. The conversation with her mother was over in less than a minute. With her usual stoic face, the woman jotted something in her file before looking up with an actual sympathetic smile, which threw Jules off guard. “I’ll see you next week then?”
Jules couldn’t muster a return smile, and with a mumble of acquiescence, she rushed home with Star to practice.
Their gig planned for the next night was at a rising young starlet’s home. Marc asked to be included, offering to help them set up, and of course, they didn’t deny him this. Marc had, after all, introduced Matt into the band, was Jules’ sibling in blood and bond, and they welcomed the help. Candi’s obvious glee was something Jules tried to ignore.

Chapter 11 Half Moon. The fight

Remember--or your parents will--when you could slam the receiver down in a fit of rage? Somehow "end call" on a cell phone is not as satisfying...

Excerpt from this chapter

The next fateful ring of the phone came just days later during those wee hours, which could be called night or morning.
“Hey…” The quiet word was a hesitant breath from Matt’s side of the line.
“What do you want?” Unlike his, her voice, fed by the alcohol in her system, was strong.
“To hear your voice.”
Breathing stopped, her throat clinched, and she felt the faint crackle in destiny. Later she would look back and remember it strongly, but that night it was fate’s feather brush, and she stupidly and senselessly ignored it. “Why? Already sick of Donna’s hoo-ha?”
The silence between them stretched. Either he was declining to answer, or she’d rendered him speechless by the mere fact that she knew of his duplicity. Foreigner’s ‘Hot Blooded’ pounded softly through her speakers, a song which had been one of their favorites as a couple.
“Don’t,” he finally spoke, barely above a whisper. “Don’t, Jules. Do that. Don’t…”
The alcohol, the fury, the embarrassment, and the hurt—all of it was a fog in her brain. She would never remember anything except bits and pieces of what was said afterward. Ignoring his ‘don’t’ plea, she raged at him. Horrible things about him not being able to wait to screw someone else. When he denied it, she said something about the kiss—that he couldn’t deny kissing someone else THIS time. At one point, she thought she heard her brother pick up his line, but Matt had begun screaming back at her by then, and it was a clicking sound swallowed, and forgotten in the anger of the argument.
Matt ended up hanging up on her accusations, but even that was done in perfect Matt style. All yelled out, he said something like, “I’m hanging up now. Call me if you grow up.”
Even though Matt had already disconnected, she slammed the receiver into its cradle, again and again, and finally threw the entire phone across her bedroom, ripping the cord from the phone jack in the process.

Payphones! Still around but scarce and definately not a dime anymore!

Excerpt from Half Moon Chapter 10 Pop Rocks and Other Obstacles

Jules began the drive home and realized within two minutes that she shouldn’t be behind the wheel. She wanted to call Matt to come get her. She wanted to go home to him. To his home which should be their home. To the couch, or the bed, or whatever Matt had tonight. The payphone was even in her hand with a dime in its slot when she remembered their last conversation about her drinking, and she replaced the receiver. Buying a coffee, she iced it despite the store clerk’s revolted stare. Carrying it to the car, she chugged it in her usual manner before twisting the key.

That's all the phone examples I could think up on the spot, but I remember the story being riddled with busy signals, long distance charges, and times when an easy phone call would have smoothed over a huge relationship rift.

The differences over the decades is part of what makes this story evolve how it does.

Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars 

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