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Valentine’s Day Storms

G-Strings Set of Silver Strings Rockstar Romance Series by Lisa Gillis contains three (so far) novelettes featuring Jack and Marissa Storm.  Fans of the series are for the most part aware of Storm Cells the novelettes, but every once in a while these fall off of the radar for some readers. 

 is a fun Valentine’s short read (about one hour). 


February 14 falling in the middle of a Jackal tour complicates everything. Jack has a date with a lucky fan who won a radio contest, and with a show that night, it's beginning to look like he and Marissa may not have their own date on Valentine's Day.


The silence was broken only by the rustle of their movements and their kisses– and the fan club just outside the bus. The soprano shouts were barely discernible, but she heard them just the same.

“Is Jack in there?” … “I love you Jack!” … “I want to have your babies!”

If this Valentine’s Day was only sex in a coffin with a chorus of fan girls unknowingly cheering them on, she would happily endure the rest of the evening.


“Who’s that lady with Daddy?”

She had heard that very sentence too many times, but even now, nothing ever made her head swivel faster. Taking in Jack escorting the buxom brunette who had earlier been out by the bus, Marissa chose her words carefully. Words she’d repeated more than a few times, but caution always glazed her words to their son. “Someone that likes his music.”

Jack’s gaze scanned the room, stopping on her and Tristan.

The first few times this scenario had happened, he’d resembled a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Their relationship had been new, and even though they had trust between them, he’d thrown up his defense shields. Lately though, anytime this sort of scenerio happened, he always seemed relieved to see her. In fact, he always attempted to foist his ‘cookies’ off onto her. Just last week, he’d introduced the night’s winners—two of the giggliest girls she’d ever encountered. Aside, he’d pleaded with her to divert their attention until he was safely onstage. And she had.

Tonight, he escorted the young woman toward the buffet and politely passed her a clean plate. Bending, he spoke to her, and she nodded with a smile.

Then, he crossed the room to Marissa and Tristan. A leg scraped the floor as he pulled out a chair.

“Another contest winner?” Usually, she liked to torment him. But tonight, for the last half hour, she had dawdled over her meal, hoping he’d show up and eat with her. And now that he had appeared, some hot chick was in tow.

Glancing at Tristan’s watchful gaze, he cautiously nodded.

The charade of a ‘Date With Jack Storm’ rarely bothered her. She was the one who wore his ring.

A ring that had headlined stories of gossip sites and tabloid magazines for more than a month after she’d received it.

The exquisite black diamond screamed to the world that she belonged to Jack.

Maybe, what did bother her was that the two of them had not screamed to the world of their engagement.

Sure, it had been unofficial and speculated about since the day he had showed up in LA with Tristan and her. The week paparazzi had noticed the ring on her finger, headlines had pretty much confirmed the engagement to the public. However, Jack hadn’t publicly confirmed it. The ring pictures in these magazines had come from telescopic lenses with shutters as quiet as she and Jack remained about their private life.

“Eat supper with Jack Storm? Seriously?” The ridiculousness of it hollowed her words with scorn toward whatever radio station or entity had cooked this contest up. Normally, ‘Jack Storm Dates’ were nothing more than a place side stage to watch the show– with her and Tristan– and a drink or two after the show, sometimes on the tour bus– with her and Tristan. Looking at these ‘dates’ from the lucky woman’s point of view, she could see that they might be special. Yet, there was nothing special that she could see about a buffet style dinner served among folding chairs and tables– even if it was partaken with a rock star.

One of his shoulders lifted in a slight shrug, and he seemed uneasy. Looking back at the girl, Marissa found her happily choosing between the salads. Making the choice, the girl picked up a few napkins, and that is when comprehension dawned. There in front of her own plate were her own extra napkins. White with red hearts.

A Valentine’s date with Jack Storm.

She knew it as surely as if it had been monogramed on those napkins or printed on a ginormous banner stretching across a wall. She KNEW it. And she couldn’t even get a Valentine’s date with him– her own fiancĂ©.

Shoving her chair back, she stood. It was wrong to be this angry with Jack. He didn’t create the contests and promotions. Hell, he hardly ever knew of them until he was told where to be and what to do. If the event did show up on some daily manifest, he usually didn’t see it because he was too busy to check his email or too tired to read the papers that showed up daily in the bus.

Sometimes when she threw these fits, he was more sensitive and sweet than she deserved. Calling her back, he would tenderly calm her down with the reminder that it was a life that would soon be behind them. Tonight was one of the nights that he looked too exhausted for confrontation. She knew it when his wary shield slipped for a second revealing his fatigue and apathetic acceptance of her upcoming tirade.

With another look beyond his head at the dark exotic beauty, she paused. Bracing a hand on his shoulder, she bent laying a long, publicly possessive kiss on his lips. “Have fun on your date, Jack Storm. Just remember, I’m the one who’s going to have your babies.” Unable to resist another barb, she leaned again. “And I’m the one who will be–” With an X-rated whisper for his ears alone, she moved away.

Wadding her napkins, she tossed them in the leftover food, and stacked Tristan’s plate with hers as she let that image sink into his skull.

STORM CELLS is a collection of sexy novelettes/storyline extras about Jack & Marissa

Who are Jack & Marissa?
MC’s in the Silver Strings Series G-String Set by Lisa Gillis:
Jack Who?
Weathering Jack Storm
Snow Storms

What if I haven’t read the G-String Set? 
The Storm Cells novelettes are meant to enhance the above series and contain references to story lines in the series.

Are these mini books?
They will each be at least 10,000 words. They're character driven and not plot driven. Think of them as extra scenes not in the books.

How many are there?
Three in the collection at this time. Readers asked for more of some story lines--the tour life & June--and these novelettes were born.

Storm Cells: A Difficult Date with a Rock Star
Storm Cells: Honeyed Moons
Storm Cells: June Bugs 

Available Now


STORM CELLS:A Difficult Date with a Rock Star

Where on the G-Strings timeline does A Difficult Date fall?
After Jack & Marissa became engaged but before they married
What is A Difficult Date about?
The problems of their first Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of a tour.  Shop Now



Where on the G-Strings timeline does June Bugs fall?
After Snow Storms
What is June Bugs about?
The requested story of why June came along so many years after the wedding.  Shop Now


STORM CELLS: Honeyed Moons

Where on the G-Strings timeline does Honeyed Moon fall?
After the wedding
What is Honeyed Moon about?
Jack and Marissa's honeymoon!

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